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i☆Ris is a pop group created by avex and 81produce which combines voice acting and idol activities.


The group was formed in July 2012 by 6 candidates who successfully passed the "Anisong・Vocal Audio" auditions. On November 7th of the same year they debuted with the song "Color" that was used as the ending theme for the anime "Battle Spirit Sword Eyes".


Starting from July 2014 all the members have made up the main cast of the anime "PriPara" and are in charge of the opening themes for the show (8 songs total).


In April 2015 the group released their first album, "We are i☆Ris !!!" and embarked on their first 5-major city tour.


In March 2016 they received the singing award at the "10th Voice Actor Awards". In November of the same year they held their 4th anniversary live at Nippon Budokan.


On March 22nd 2019, the group released their 18th single "Ultimate☆MAGIC" which is being used as the opening theme for the TV anime "Wise Man's Grandchild". Additionally, their 19th single "FANTASTIC ILLUSION", slated to be released on August 28th, will be used as the opening theme for the TV anime "Tejina Senpai".


Their appearance at Anime Weekend Atlanta will mark i☆Ris’s first performance on the east coast in the US. 

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