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NOILION is a major new artist debuting on Lantis, one of Japan's leading labels for anime and game music, and is produced by TeddyLoid, a DJ and music producer active not only in Japan but also in North America and other countries. Shortly after their debut in January, 2022, NOILION sang the opening theme for the Netflix anime Ultraman season 2, and they have been flying off the charts. LIO (singer), with her heavenly voice, and the masked members KILLIT (DJ) and REAK (VJ), who look like ninjas, are bringing their creativity from the Far East to the world.

With TeddyLoid as the producer, from Tokyo, creating a unique blend of music and visuals, the world's attention is gathering on this new group called NOILION. With the phrase "Live On in the Noisy World" as the focal point, their message speaks to embrace the warmth of being a human, through the noise and distortion of the digital age. A chemical reaction is caused by the three members of this creator unit: A world-class bilingual high-tone vocalist, LIO. A new, edgy, mysterious DJ with the DNA of the dance music legend, KILLIT. A VJ skilled in projection mapping live performances, taking over the forefront of Japan's club scene, REAK.

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