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Being thrown back down to the depths of their TOYBOX, Creep-P (ressurected as Luci), comes out from their virtual Hell to bring forward their own spin on their music, which was known back to the era of Hatsune Miku.


Making a new name for themselves, Creep-P is ready to bark back into "action" with songs like "Bop It" and "VR (ft. Michaela Laws & Disko Warp)", only to really bare his teeth in hits like "DOGWALK" and "Fxxk U Up Like Chucky (ft. Sixtroke)," only for them to haunt you in songs that feature icons like Chi-chi, JACKIE EXTREME, and Projekt Melody, only to show everyone what they're made of... But everytime they reach out their hand for help, will you help them out of their living Hell?

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