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Toki is a music creator/track maker/arranger from Kobe, Japan who moved to San Francisco, US in 2016.


He started his career as Toki when his 2nd remix for Kumi Koda’s new album “DNA” released. He has also remixed for many artists worldwide, including Pendulum, Lucrecia, BLKZEN and more.

Other unique experiences in his career include playing bass for visual rock and loud scene bands. He is one of the main sound producer for Japanese idol unit “Divine’s Lie”. As a visual media composer, he composed for SHISEIDO CHINA 2019’s convention movie. He composed soundtracks for the game “The Grave VR” by AR Game company. He also has experience in arrangement and cinematic compositions.


Toki moved to New York in 2019 and began working as a beat maker for rappers, DJs, and singers in New York.


Currently he is continuously releasing EDM music with a focus Melodic Dubstep, Chillstep, and Ephemeral Core as a new genre.

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