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do as infinity

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Do As Infinity is a rock band formed by Tomiko Van (Vo.) and Ryo Owatari (Gt. & Vo.)

Do As Infinity was formed in 1999. They had held street performances mainly at Hachi-ko in Shibuya more than 100 times before their debut. On September 29th 1999 they released their debut single “Tangerine Dream” on avex trax.

With dozens of hit songs and albums reaching a million in sales, they have established a firm position in the Japanese music industry.

In 2017,  the single trilogy, sound-produced by Hiroyuki Sawano  “Alive / Iron Hornet” and “To Know You” were released. The third one  “Keshin no Kemono,” the ending song for the TV animation “Juni Taisen: Zodiac War, ” was released on December 6th.

Since July 2017, they have held for first-time tours in 4 South American countries, held concerts in Taiwan and Singapore and performed at the big music festival in Jakarta. Now, with their 19th anniversary since their debut, they have continued to be active worldwide.

In 2018, they released their original album “ALIVE”, their first release in about 3 years!

Their tour “Do As Infinity LIVE TOUR 2018-ALIVE-” which started on 5/19, including 2 days show in Taiwan, was sold out.

Also, they performed at TAC IN Taiwan and Singapore NATSU ROCK2018.

In September, they successfully held their first concert in Shanghai.

In 2019, for their 20th anniversary, numerous releases and a tour are planned.

They continue to work energetically.

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