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Haruka Kurebayashi

Haruka Kurebayashi
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Haruka Kurebayashi is known for her Harajuku decora style. She stands out with her crazy colored hair and cute braces (recently taken off). As a frequent model for the Japanese Punk Fashion Magazine KERA, Haruka garners praise from readers throughout Japan. Kurebayashi has also appeared twice as a guest on Kawaii TV on NHK Tokyo, a television program that showcases the essence of Kawaii pop culture in Tokyo.

Haruka is not only a model but also a mentor to beginning Decora-chan girls as she gives detailed advises on her blog, twitter and even Youtube on how to decorate oneself as kawaii as possible.
This advice ranges from matching vintage clothing to how to make even braces an appealing fashion item.

Kurebayashi opened her own apparel brand in 2013 called "90884" (pronounced "Kyuu Zero Hachi Hachi Yon"), which advertises itself as being for people who live in the "25th century." Since then, she has collaborated with other brands to make apparel, worked as both an image model and a promotional model, and is one of the rising stars of modeling in Japan.

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