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Miura Ayme

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Miura Ayme began activities as a solo artist in 2018. He writes and composes all of his own songs. He is not only active as a musician, but also as a voice actor, cosplayer, actor, and puzzle game writer. 


With a Twitter following of over 26,000 and Instagram following of over 37,000, Miura Ayme has a dedicated fan base both domestically and internationally. 


Recently, he has been more engaged in overseas activities, including making appearances at HYPER JAPAN in the United Kingdom and JAPAN ICON in Poland in 2017, JAPAN EXPO in France in 2018, and Crazy Friday in Taiwan in 2018 which was attended by over 30,000 people. In 2019, he participated at Anime Expo in the USA as an official cosplayer of “Obey Me!” from the US number 1 otome game series “Shall we date”, in which he voice acts in and performs the theme song. In the same year, he made another appearance at HYPER JAPAN in London. 


In 2020, the theme song from “Obey Me!”, “Sinful Indulgence”, was officially released and has been streamed over 2 million times with the momentum still increasing.

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