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ACME Fan Sightseeing Trip Info

Information regarding the ACME Fan Sightseeing Trips is below. Please make sure to read the rules for participation before purchasing your tickets. Each sightseeing trip is limited to only 5 attendees. Once they sell out, additional tickets will not be available later.

Join ACME for special Fan Sightseeing Trips in the following cities:

  • October 28th - Atlanta, GA // $650 per ticket

  • November 2nd - Chicago, IL // $650 per ticket

  • November 8th - Portland, OR // $650 per ticket

  • November 12th - Anaheim, CA (Disneyland) // $950 per ticket

  • *Prices do not include applicable fees

All sightseeing trips include:

  • A 6~7 hour itinerary of activities (itinerary may be subject to change due to inclement weather)

  • Admission to all destinations on the trip, including transportation between destinations

  • Two photo opportunities: one group, and one with your favorite band member

  • A group meal with the band

The Disneyland Premier Trip also includes:

  • Tons of extra photo opportunities with the band members, including character photos

  • Special item chosen upon participant input

Ticket sales start: August 15th at 12:00 PM PDT

Rules for Purchase and Participation

  • Because you will be spending a significant amount of time with the band members and other attendees, we require that all sightseeing attendees are vaccinated against COVID-19 for everyone’s safety. You do not need to be vaccinated at the time of ticket purchase, but we will request proof of vaccination by 2 weeks prior to the sightseeing event you have tickets to. Masking is encouraged but the requirement will depend on the local city rules/mandates at the time of the sightseeing.

  • We will email you with the detailed sightseeing schedule and meeting place closer to the event date. Do not share the schedule with others as we'd like to keep the event as private to the ticket holders as possible.

  • Sightseeing events are 16+. Please contact us with any inquiries regarding exceptions to this rule.

  • You may feel free to take pictures while sightseeing, but do not take pictures or videos with the members in them unless it is a specified photo opp.

  • There will be one opportunity for you to take a group photo with the members and one opportunity to take either a solo photo with a member of your choice or another group photo at select sightseeing spots. (Additional photos are for Disneyland only)

  • You are permitted to give the members gifts during the sightseeing trip, but please keep in mind that they may have to carry the gift around for the duration of the day.

  • Please be respectful of the other attendees on the trip. Negative speech or gossiping about other attendees, including online, will not be tolerated.

  • Tickets are nonrefundable but can be transferred to another attendee. You may purchase more than one ticket for a trip in a single transaction.

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What if Kumoricon gets cancelled because cases keep going up? Obviously, this is not my desire but is the rule about the non-refundable ticket absolute?

Replying to

Thank you for the clarification!


Raven Toner
Raven Toner
Jul 26, 2021

Just as a question. I'm not expecting there to be any sort of exceptions, but I do want to ask anyways. What if one is considered higher risk for the vaccine because they have pre-existing conditions? I totally respect whatever is the solid decision though.

Jul 27, 2021
Replying to

Unfortunately due to the higher risk that comes with increased exposure and transmission to other individuals in a group setting, we are not able to make exceptions to this rule. We sincerely apologize if this means you can't participate and appreciate your understanding.

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