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LM.C New Album "KAIBUTSUEN" Pre-Order

We're bringing LM.C's new album for a special worldwide pre-order this month!

From February 17-25, order your own copy of "KAIBUTSUEN" in a special limited edition with an exclusive online Meet & Greet, or the regular edition!

The pre-order period will start February 17th at 12:00 PM PST, and end on February 25th, 11:59 PM PST.

Please note the album pre-order does not include an autograph.

Purchase the album in the following types:

Online Meet & Greet Details

The Online Meet & Greet is a 1-minute session with LM.C.

The Online Meet & Greet will be held on 4/28 (Thursday) & 4/29 (Friday) between 10:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM JST. To check your time zone, please visit this conversion website.

※An interpreter will not be provided for the online event as it will be handled directly by LM.C Management.

※The information email for the online event will be provided in Japanese. If you have any concerns you can contact us in advance.

Purchasing multiple copies of the album allows more options for the Meet & Greet, such as doubling your time or participating with friends.

・Purchase 1 copy

Includes 1 Meet & Greet session of 1 minute. Please indicate your date of preference.

★Example: 4/28 preferred

・Purchase 2 copies: 2 separate Meet & Greet sessions of 1 minute each

You can split up the meet & greet into two different sessions. Please choose your dates of preference below.

★Example 1: 4/28, 2 separate sessions

★Example 2: 4/28 1 minute, 4/29 1 minute

・Purchase 2 copies: Double Meet & Greet

Combine your 2 Meet & Greet sessions to 2 minutes in length.

★Example: 4/28 preferred, Double Meet & Greet

・Purchase 2 copies: Meet & Greet for 2

A 2-minute Meet & Greet where you can participate along with one friend (from the same device).

★Example: 4/28 preferred, Meet & Greet for 2

※Please note you cannot split up this Meet & Greet into 2 sessions with 2 people. It will be an approximately 2 minute Meet & Greet with you and one friend together.

・Purchase 3 copies: Meet & Greet for 3

Bring along 2 of your friends to have a 3-person Meet & Greet for 3 minutes in length.

★Example: 4/28 Preferred, Meet & Greet for 3

・Purchase 3 copies: 1 Private Meet & Greet + Meet & Greet for 2

One person can have a private Meet & Greet for themselves, and then also bring a friend to have a 2 minute Meet & Greet together.


First ticket: 1 minute Meet & Greet, 4/28 Preferred

Next two tickets: Meet & Greet for 2, 4/28 Preferred

Participating with another purchaser or combining Meet & Greet sessions is not permitted.

Please make sure the purchaser completes the correct order with corresponding remarks for "Meet & Greet for 2".

Any questions regarding how the Meet & Greet works? Please reach out to us!

Visit the FAKE STAR Shop to place your order now until February 25th!

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